7 Reasons Why You Should Build an App

Have you ever thought about building an application? You’ll be hard pressed to find a business or a consumer that isn’t presently using at least a dozen different apps. There’s tremendous opportunity for you. Here are 7 reasons you should build an app.

  1. Practice and Experience – If there’s one thing that any potential employer wants to know, it’s “what’s your experience?” If you’re new to the industry, then your answer may feel inadequate. By taking the initiative and building an application on your own, you’ll have experience to share with any future employers.
  2. Education – Building an application, if you haven’t built one before, will provide you with an abundance of learning opportunities. You have to design the application and, of course, there should be some perceived demand and usefulness for the application. Additionally, you’ll need to work through kinks and problem solve to get the application working correctly and worthy of sharing, or selling.
  3. You Can Make a Profit – There are a number of ways that you can make a profit from developing an application. Depending on the type of application you may be able to sell it to a business. And if you’re developing the application for the company you currently work for, and it solves an internal problem, then you can certainly earn a raise and/or sell it to the company. You can also profit by making it available for download on Android or iOS platforms. Advertising revenue and in app purchases are additional opportunities to earn money from your application.
  4. Solve a Problem – Applications are generally designed for a few different reasons. Some are clearly entertainment based; games, social media consumption, and visual media consumption. Other apps solve a problem. While there’s always demand for a good game, it can be tricky to innovate and develop this type of product. If you’re able to identify a need and solve a problem, either an internal business solution or a consumer problem, then there will be demand for your app. Additionally, you get the satisfaction of helping others improve their lives.
  5. Start A Business – If you’ve ever aspired to earn a little extra money or be an entrepreneur, then app development is a great way to make it happen.
  6. Because You Can – You have the knowledge and skills to develop an app, and you can learn whatever you don’t know how to do. If anyone can build an app, it’s you.
  7. It Gives You Something To Talk About at Networking Events – Finally, let’s just say that it may be easy to run out of things to talk about at networking events, or even with family and friends. Developing an app is interesting to others, and it’s something that’s easy to talk about.

If you already have an idea for an app, get started. No idea? Start brainstorming. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your career, to build a business, and to create opportunity for yourself and others.