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The Benefits Of Temporary Tech Jobs

During the typical job search a person looks for full-time, permanent, employment. This makes sense. You want to have a full-time job to pay the bills and a sense of security that a permanent job can provide. However, this approach may mean that you miss out on the tremendous value of a temporary technology job.

What is a Temporary Job?

First, in order to fully understand this opportunity, it’s a good idea to clarify and define the term “temporary job.” A temp job is a job that is generally designed to be a specific length. Temp jobs are usually created to fill a short term need. For example, when an employee takes a medical leave a company may fill their position with a temporary employee.

Temp positions may also be project oriented. For example, a company may want to implement a large scale development program, and it requires a handful of employees for the duration of the project.

Temp jobs are also an easy way for a company to fill a position. They may hire a temporary or contract employee through an agency. If the person works out, they’ll hire them on permanently. If they don’t, then the temp job simply ends.

It’s a low risk way for a company to fill a position. They pay the temporary hiring agency, and the hiring agency pays the contractor a salary (and sometimes benefits, depending on the arrangement). For the technology company, temporary employees often come out of a different budget, so there is room in their finances to hire this type of employee.

What Does a Temp Job Offer You?

A temporary job with a technology company offers you a number of truly significant benefits.

  • On the job experience and training. A temp job gives you an opportunity to add to your resume. You gain new experience and education while getting paid for it.
  • Inside edge. If a position should open up within the company while you’re there, you have an edge over outside employees. The employer knows you. They know what you’re capable of and how hard you work. And they don’t have to train you.
  • Low commitment from you. While temp jobs certainly offer an employer an opportunity to try potential employees out, they also give you an opportunity to try out potential employers. For example, you may feel like you’ve always wanted to work for ABC Tech. You get a temp job there and realize that the corporate culture isn’t to your liking. It’s better to learn this as a temp employee.

Temp jobs also often offer great hourly pay rates, flexibility, interesting projects, and some offer benefits. If you’re in the market for a job, take a look at your local temporary hiring firms who place people in technology careers. It’s a great way to find your next job.